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Meghan Markle wins another round: Mail makes hay

BACK ON 11 February Meghan Markle - who is married to a member of the family formerly known as Saxe-Coburg Gotha - won a ruling that the Daily Mail had breached her copyright in letters that she had written. The Mail appealed - and today it lost again. But still it wins.

The November hearing online

The super-keen can currently watch the entire three-day hearing in November

Strictly, what Mail appealed in November was the fact that the February judgment was "summary" - that is, Mr Justice Warby held that there was no need for a full trial. He commented that the "factual and legal case on this issue both seem to me to occupy the shadowland between improbability and unreality".

Today's judgment in the Court of Appeal, delivered by Lord Justice Sir Geoffrey Vos, reinforced that: "It was hard to see what evidence could have been adduced at trial that would have altered the situation."

But the point of this appeal for the Mail, it seems clear, is that its lawyers can spin any vaguely relevant story in court and the paper can then report it "under privilege" - without fear of further legal repercussions, because it's reporting what was said in court. So it could generate "stories" at will.

In a statement today Meghan Markle referred to the Mail "making a straightforward case extraordinarily convoluted in order to generate more headlines and sell more newspapers". The Mail immediately made noises about going to the Supreme Court to demand, again, a full trial on the copyright issue - and to generate more stories whatever the result.