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Report climate change better

SO the United Nations COP26 climate change conference is over. Now the hard work of implementing what was agreed - and persuading reluctant governments to do at least as much as was agreed. As the conference President Alok Sharma said to the Guardian about the international process to keep the global temperature rise down to an only-moderately-disastrous 1.5°C: "We've absolutely kept it alive but the pulse is still weak.".

To help you report accurately and engagingly on the issues, London Freelance Branch is again offering a unique training opportunity. Now NUJ members can join an accredited course in carbon literacy for just £30. So book soon to avoid disappointment - and the first ten to sign up get £10 off!

  • Tuesday mornings, 18 January and 25 January - register
  • Wednesday mornings, 19 January and 26 January - register

The course is in four parts: a self-study session followed by a three-hour session led by Dr Arnott, and another session of self study (which should take an our or so) before the final ZOOM session for group activities and discussion.

The course has been customised to be useful to journalists. It includes some science basics of global heating, the greenhouse gases and their sources; some concepts and terminology, from "carbon footprints" to "scopes of emissions"; some jargon-busting; and communicating. Personal and professional angles are included, and discussion among participants encouraged.

Successful learners are certified "Carbon Literate" (an internationally-recognised qualification since the United Nations COP21 conference in Paris in 2015).

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