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Photographers - earn money for uses of your work via DACS

PHOTOGRAPHERS: please consider signing up for DACS, if you haven't already. DACS is the Design and Copyright Society. It collects money from secondary uses of your work - such as photocopying in university libraries and storage on databases – and passes this on to photographers who are its members.

Last year DACS distributed £5 million, with payments to individuals of up to "£600 for photos in books and magazines," according to its website.

You've regrettably missed the deadline to start the process of submitting details of your work ready for the next "distribution" by DACS, which is due in early October.

But you can still sign up now to be ready for the next (2023) distribution. Then you'll have plenty of time to submit details of your work (ISBNs of books it appears in, ISSNs of periodicals it appears in, web addresses of where it's online) by the deadline in late February 2023. See the Freelance Fees Guide link below for details.

Those who have signed up to DACS should already have received a reminder that they have until 15 April to submit to DACS "Part 2" details of the total number of their works published.

DACS is intended to serve artists, illustrators and photographers whose work stands alone or accompanies the written work of others. Regrettably, secondary uses of works in newspapers (including online) is not currently covered by the scheme.

If your photographs or illustrations appear as illustrations to your own articles that appear in periodicals or journals in print or online, consider also signing up to and submitting details of your work to ALCS – the Authors' Licensing and Collecting Society. See here.