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Demand better from corporations on International Women’s Day

Demand better from corporations on International Women's Day

TUESDAY 8 March is International Women's Day. As is the way of such things, a major response will be brands issuing token endorsements - to promote themselves rather than women's equality.

The UK Trades Union Congress (TUC) responds: "We have stepped up our demands of brands using feminist messaging to market themselves, and are calling on them to be more transparent. Women still face significant discrimination in the workplace and in wider society, and employers have a vital role to play in advancing women's equality."

The TUC asks women workers and allies to sign up to receive a campaigning toolkit that includes an email template for replying to corporate IWD promotional emails and graphics and sample text for sharing on social media: #DemandBetter #IWD2022. Please visit the link below.

As the template message notes: "The gender pay gap persists at 15.4 per cent, and the gender pensions gap is more than twice the pay gap at 37.8 per cent. We know that 54,000 women are forced out of the labour market every year due to pregnancy and maternity discrimination. And 1 million women have been forced to leave their jobs due to lack of support while experiencing menopause."