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Yes, EU nationals can still vote

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ELECTIONS FOR councillors for local authorities, including every borough in London and councils in some other parts of England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland are due on Thursday 5 May 2022. There are Northern Ireland Assembly elections on that day too, and elections for half a dozen mayors.

To find out whether your local authority has council or mayoral elections, enter your postcode into the BBC's "Is there an election in my area?" finder here. It'll tell you which local authority area you live in if you're unsure.

To vote in the May elections, you need to be on the electoral register of your local authority, also known as the electoral roll. You need to register to vote by one minute to noon on 14 April. If you are registering to vote for local elections in Scotland, the deadline's at the same hour four days later, on 18 April.

You can vote in these elections if you are a UK, EU or Commonwealth citizen. Citizens of other countries who are legally resident in Scotland or Wales can vote in local council elections in those nations. Check your eligibility here.

The quickest way to register to vote is through the form at This will automatically work out whether your postcode is in a local authority having an election in May and alert your local authority's election services department to send you a polling card (or not) accordingly. Registration will be quicker and easier if you can provide your National Insurance number, a phone number and an email address. It takes about five minutes to register if you have all these to hand.

The form will offer you a postal vote or a proxy vote - in which you get someone who you trust to go along to the polling station to vote for you on the day if you can't do it in person.

You can also look for "electoral services" on your local authority website.

As we write, those who are already on the electoral register of some London boroughs are beginning to receive their polling cards by post.