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Who’s coming to an in-person Branch meeting?

From June 2022 London Freelance Branch has resumed live gatherings. In our hybrid meetings some members take part in a room at London's Conway Hall, 25 Red Lion Square, London WC1R 4RL (map) and others who prefer it online at home.

To plan the meeting we need some idea of the potential numbers likely to be present or online. If you reckon you’d like to be there, or are more likely to take part online, please respond to this simple poll:

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It should be quite an occasion and all members will be welcome, by whichever means.

Conway Hall is in Red Lion Square, Holborn; the LFB meeting will be not in the main hall but the smaller Bertrand Russell Room. As before there will be sandwiches, tea, coffee and soft drinks. There are a couple of pleasant pubs nearby for those who'd like to extend the live experience afterwards.

The members on Zoom will be able to take a full part in the meeting. There is a smart TV in the room, and the webcam will transmit the images of the room onto Zoom screens at home; likewise the TV screen will display the Zoom gallery to the members in the hall. There is another camera in the hall to show the scene towards the TV, and of course members in the hall will have to use a roaming mic when they speak. It's state of the art gear that is already being used successfully.

The hall is accessible to wheelchairs and there is an induction loop if needed, and WiFi.

And please do note that a member reported that he got Covid on public transport - so if coming in person please do wear a mask on the journey.