Police maim photographer in "City of Peace"

Friday 13 June

We have video of Guy being shot (5.5MB QuickTime™)

Saturday 7 June

Guy had a skin-graft operation yesterday - which was "painful" - and may be allowed to return to the UK mid-week.

This morning the Swiss Federal Minister for Police showed up at the hospital - with two photographers and looking, one assumes, for a conciliatory photo-op. He refused to see her. In Anglo-Saxon, apparently.

Guy Smallman

PHOTOGRAPHER Guy Smallman was seriously injured by a police grenade in Geneva on 1 June. The London Freelance Branch committee member was covering protests in the city against
Photo © Paul Mattsson
Guy Smallman covering a protest in Brussels in December 2001

the "G8" summit in nearby Evian for Images San Frontières and for Indymedia.

Reports on Indymedia say that around four in the afternoon a mixed group of peaceful protesters were charged by police who were after a small number of stone-throwers beyond them. The police fired a volley of 20 to 30 so-called "concussion grenades" at the crowd, who were running away from them in panic. One exploded close to Guy's left calf.

After an hour's delay - during which the police continued to shout abuse at Guy and at the protesters who were giving him first aid - he was taken to hospital where he underwent two hours of emergency surgery.

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