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Confirmation of Commission form

Use the Confirmation of Commission form to make sure the terms on which you accept work are clear. It has been thoroughly lawyered and is approved by a whole bunch of UK writers' and photographers' organisations, gathered as the Creators' Copyright Coalition.

  • Agree your terms while speaking to the commissioning editor
  • See notes On Negotiating
  • Print the form, fill it out with what you've agreed, sign and date it and fax it over
  • If the editor disagrees, they'll get back to you. Otherwise... sorted!

NUJ members can also get a handy pre-printed wodge of 50 for £6 incl p&p from Head Office.

The form is recommended only for contracts governed by UK law. If you want to confirm a commission in another jurisdiction, contact a union in that country through the International Federation of Journalists.

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