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Back in the mists of time when the Web was young (1995) this was the home page of a project by a group of volunteer activists in the National Union of Journalists and the Broadcast Entertainment Cinematograph and Theatre Union to set up a shared Web presence for media unions in the UK and Ireland.

Then in 1997 BECTU figured out what we were on about and got its own site. So until March 2002 this formed the unofficial NUJ site.

It is now the site of London Freelance Branch of the National Union of Journalists, and quite a lot else besides.

This evolution - and the need to keep thousands of people's links and bookmarks working - explains why the site structure may still seem a bit twisty. We're working on it.

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Media Unions

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Probably the best trade union branch site in the world

Almost certainly the largest - my brain hurts

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The above text is lovingly preserved from the very first version of this page. The NUJ now also has active Branches in Paris, Brussels and the Netherlands.

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