Branch reports 2020

OFFICERS of London Freelance Branch presented reports to the Annual General Meeting in January. Here is the Chair's report. More may follow later.

Branch Chair

SO I SHALL be stepping down as Chair this evening and in some ways it will be a great relief as I need to focus my energies on completing the PhD I am doing at King's College London. In other ways it is a sad moment for me as I will not be so active in what is now a crucial time for the survival of the trades union movement in a world increasingly hostile to those who need to sell their labour to survive.

London Freelance Branch was blessed with a great Committee in 2019 and as departing chair for 2018/19 I would like to give special thanks to Federica Tedeschi and Tim Gopsill for their work on training and to Magda Ibrahim for her excellent contribution at Women's TUC and her bold intervention on behalf of freelancers at the Vice chapel.

Thanks to Francesca Marchese and Phil Sutcliffe for being such dynamic membership secretaries and thanks to Larry Herman for joining with them as an active member without portfolio to assist with NUJ membership recruitment. Thanks to the Freelance editor Mike Holderness and assistant Freelance editor Matt Salisbury for their ongoing and consistent work producing the monthly newsletter, and thanks also to Mike for maintaining the online Freelance Fees Guide database and our very own NUJ LFB website - a valuable resource independent from such increasingly politicised platforms as Facebook and Twitter.

Saying that, however, my thanks go to Nicci Talbot for piloting the @NUJ_LFB Twitter account as our Social Media officer, and thanks to Jenny Vaughan for so beautifully treasuring our branch funds and thanks to everyone else who served on the committee for all that they have contributed and finally my thanks to Hazel Dunlop for donating her photographs to the LFB magazine in her regular coverage of our speakers at Branch meetings.

Wishing all our members an exciting and prolific 2020 producing excellent work and receiving excellent pay for it. Good luck and solidarity in challenging any shitty conditions hirers think they might get away with - good luck too to the committee and chairs in 2020. Ciao.