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The Rate for the Job service is a survey, not the law. It is fallible. It does not prescribe anything; it does report market information and thereby reduces inefficiencies.



If you are a freelance pitching work: never, ever, propose a rate quoted here. If you are new to freelancing, see the notes On Negotiating and the Freelance Fees Guide for tips on instead finding out the maximum the client is prepared to pay.



Pay close attention to the dates at which each rate was reported. Remember what a pint or loaf or roll of film cost back then... and adjust by your personal inflation index.


Under "Group" you will see a code for the owner of the publication/programme at the time the rate was reported. This is only a hint for further information on possible policies and is not to be relied upon. Every time we update this information, some media mogul sells a wodge of titles within days.


In no event shall the editor nor contributors nor the National Union of Journalists nor indeed any other person real or corporate be held liable for any information presented here nor for the omission for whatever reason of any information here or anywhere else nor for any tort or damages of any kind arising from use or abuse or failure to make use of any or all such information or lacunae. Everything here is presented as is without any warranty express or implied as to its fitness for any purpose or as to anything else, really.

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