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Gathering rates

The Rate for the Job service is a survey, not the law. All NUJ members are encouraged to help make it more accurate and comprehensive.


Where do the rates come from?

The rates in this database are reported by working journalists who appreciate that in return for helping colleagues negotiate fair rates in fields they have experience in, they get help negotiating in fields where they don't.

Or, to rephrase that from an economist's perspective: accurate and universally disseminated pricing information is a requirement for a free market. The Rate for the Job helps to counter excessive surplus value being generated through market ineffeciencies such as abuses of dominant positions in information or (media) ownership, commonly known as monopolies. So there.

The rates arrive in this database by two routes:



Journalists submitting data online.



Activists collecting rates from colleagues at union meetings and other gatherings. You can help: download the handy form and post or fax it back. You'll find that journalists are terrible at filling out forms: "prime" it with a couple of correct entries in your own handwriting.

To print the form, you need the free Acrobat reader program.

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