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Words, per 1000 / books

Updated: 20 December 2017

These rates have been reported by members of the National Union of Journalists and others, and printed in the Freelance, newsletter of London Freelance Branch. They are sorted by publisher/publication, then by date (most recent first). TIP: Use the "Find in page" command under your browser's "Edit" menu to be sure of finding all occurrences of a publication/publisher. AND do note the year in which the rate was reported! See also the Freelance Fees Guide, which gives general recommendations. And read the disclaimer and the key to exactly what the entries mean.

^ Words, per 1000 / books

Work paid by the thousand words, whose primary use is in a book. Only do this if the rate is good and you expect sales to be minimal. Otherwise, go for royalties. Percent of gross, my child, always remember percent of gross sales.

* Tell us what you've been paid for Words, per 1000 / books * Freelance Fees Guide
Publication / Programme - details & terms Group Year currency Basic fee Extras
AA History & Mystery city guide series - create entire guidebook from scratch, substantial assistance with mapping all rights 2008 GBP 165 XX
Guinness Book of the News 1998 GBP 190 -
Publishing Business _PubBiz 2014 GBP 150 XX
Publishing Business _PubBiz 2014 GBP 150 XX
The Tower 2000-word article @ £700 = 2016 GBP 350 O
Time Out Guides _TOut 2005 GBP 125 XX
Time Out offered for book chapter - declined! all rights demanded _TOut 2008 GBP 83 XXXX
Arcturus Publishing 1000 words (research from scratch) all rights including multi-media _3Fox 2017 GBP 144 0 X
Book (Picador Press) 2015 GBP 23
Book (HarperCollins) all rights and soul demanded _NI 2015 GBP 200 XX
Book published by Haynes interview full use ( I know I know) 2003 GBP 120 X
Brown partworks 1998 GBP 100 - X
Carlton Books (synopses) _Carlton 1997 GBP 100 - ??
Channel 4 writing booklet licence unclear _C4 2002 GBP 275
Dorking Kindersley history book had to negotiate hard! all rights _DK 2007 GBP 222
Dorling Kindersley guidebook detailed outline of work (to DK specifications) then actual writing guide No extra for preparatory work; £400 expenses. Very tight time schedule and no royalties (member did try) _DK 2001 GBP 150 0 X
Franklin Watts (books?) _Hach 2010 GBP 170 X
Games books (White Wolf Games Studio) 2006 GBP 40 GR X
Guidebook to Paris $20,000 plus $1250 exes for 90,000 word guidebook - exchange rate not good - but negotiated up from $16k with the help of the Rate for the Job all rights 2006 GBP 128 X
Hachette Children's Books 7000 words @ £1300 all rights _Hach 2013 GBP 186 XXX
Insight Guides researching and writing all rights; expenses paid up to agreed limit. 2006 GBP 200 GR
JC (Jewish Chronicle?) 1200-word article @ £300 = 2016 GBP 250
Michelin tourist guides tourist info 2012 EUR 490
Non-Fiction book research and writing 50,000 words: extra paid for edits and layout , terms: all rights 2008 GBP 200 GR
Non-fiction book 40,000 words @ £4500 = 2008 GBP 112.50
Reader's Digest Association articles for new medical encyclopedia - was £350 in the past _RD 2001 GBP 200 XX
Thomas Cook guidebook 2006 GBP 76 XXX
Topical Books 1992 GBP 0 - XXX!

The above are the rates for Words, per 1000 / books notified by members up to 20 December 2017.

Key to the rates, by column:
1 Publication / Programme, any details of work and licence
2 Owner at the time the rate was reported, where knownGroup
3 The year in which the rate was reportedYear
4 Currency: either GBP or EURcurrency
5 Amount paid for basic licence - e.g. first use in print: Basic fee
6 Paid for extra licences - web use, database resale... (no data pre Jun 2000) ...Extras
7 "Going Rate" according to experienced NUJ members - do try to better it: ......GR
or Minimum rate set out in NUJ House Agreement (more will be made soon): ......HA
8 Underpaid, in the fallible opinion of the Freelance editor:GBP500X
or Just sometimes we're pleasantly surprised:EUR1500300O

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